Sunday, June 24, 2012

TOBP: A day trip to D-5

Can you see Sheila?

Trying out my Bino's

Self explanatory

It was hard to catch your breath at this elevation

Bike riders love to ride Hiway 4
 We had a great day trip to the mountains up highway 4. The temperature was in the low 40,s to high thirties. We took a trip to Ebbetts pass at 8730 foot. We drove back to the 5500 foot level and did some scouting on the road to Bear Valley. We took a forest road marked on the map as 7N35. After a small family argument as to whether the PT Cruiser was made to go off road or not we took a hike.

You can see the wind blowing through the cabbage patch. We covered about a mile and half. It took about an hour. Most of the walking was up hill. The progress was slow. I realized that besides preparing my bow I need to start preparing my out of shape body.


These were the best tracks we saw. All in all it was a good trip. I added to the list of things I need to do to get ready. Just a little off subject, it was confirmed I was drawn for D-5. I got a preference point for putting in for A-20. In a few years I may get a chance to hunt one of the premium hunts. Until then, we will be going back to D-5 for more scouting. Next time I will probably spend the night and glass early in the morning. I still need to find a likely spot to place a blind or tree stand. We saw doe, but I would like to see something with antlers that will make all of the effort worthwhile. Although I have hunted before without ever seeing a buck, it makes it so much more exciting and offers more of a reason to hunt if you can see something legal.

we thought we were isolated, but as this next video shows we were mistaken.

Later God Bless.


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