Saturday, July 21, 2012

TOBP:A Trip To B.P.S.

 Today was a fun day. I got my hair cut (thanks Ana), picked up a birthday present for my gorgeous wife, and went to Bass Pro for some shopping. It was time to update my camouflage. Everything I have is old, faded, and worn out. I got a new set of camouflage overalls, a small ground blind, scent blocker, a really cool camouflage backpack (my fanny pack is outdated) and some other odds and ends. Things are coming together for the hunt August 18. Next weekend I will take another scouting trip. I am thinking about going further north into D-4 and D-3. There is less public land to hunt on, but the land that is available is lower in elevation. I found out on the last scouting trip that I don’t move as well at 7000 foot elevation as I used to.

Dad used to say "Do something, even if it is wrong." I am almost at that point, but not quite. With about three week, till opening day I have much work to do. I am learning how to hunt Northern California; it is much different than the river bottom of the South Eastern Mojave Desert. From what I am hearing there is a mixture of Black Tail and Mule deer in the areas I have drawn. The above picture is of a big mule deer, I doubt if it is a California deer. I don’t know for sure I just grabbed it off of the internet. So any way I will keep posting as things come to mind.


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