Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lifes Journey

Hello All,

Okay, what happened to January? It was here just a minute ago. And while we're talking about missing months, what happened to October through December? It is hard to believe that I have not posted since October, but life shifted into light speed and has not slowed down. Well I have found the perfect reason to break the silence. As a proud Papa of 6 grandkids I always take the opportunity to share when I think they have done something noteworthy. My oldest grandchild Grace, who is almost 13 years old, recently entered a writing contest at school and placed in several categories. It was no surprise to me because she has shown an aptitude for creative writing since she was very young. Grace shared this with me, and I got her permission to share it with you. Enjoy.


Life's Journey

So here I am in a therapist's office. I have no idea what I am doing here, but my girlfriend Jess Anderson thought I needed it; I think that I m fine. Men don't need to share their emotions, girls do.
Jess told me we were going to the movies, but when we went in the wrong direction and then pulled up in front of Dr. Alan's office I knew we were not going to see the Avengers today. I looked at Jess she had a guilty look on her face, but I decided not to fight with her because she always wins anyway.

As we walked into the office a receptionist smiled and said "Hello, how may I help you?"

"We are here to see Doctor Alan."

"Okay, please take a seat I will let the Doctor know you are here."

"Thanks!" Jess said smiling.

We took a seat and I looked at Jess "Why are we here?"

"Oh, no reason." she said nervously."

"Who's idea was it that I go here, I am fine."

"Well you've been acting kind of odd. I thought it might be good if you told a therapist about your problems".

"How have I been acting weird?"

"I can't name all of the ways  right now on the spot. I have noticed something different about your attitude, okay? I am just trying to help."

"Thanks for trying to help, but I am fine."

Jess frowned and said, "I know you think you are fine, but I don't think so."

Well I guess I am off to see the therapist, cause Jess wont budge. The nice lady came into the waiting room and said that the doctor was ready to see us. She pointed to the room on the left. I went in and Jess followed. About two minute later a tall man with brown hair and a kind smile entered. He sat down and began writing on a clip board.

He looked up, smiled and said, "Hello, how are? Jake and jess? Is that correct?"

Yes, how are you, Doctor Alan?" said Jess.

The Doctor relied, "I am great, thank you." He looked at me and asked, "So Jake why are you here today?"

I thought for just a moment and was going to say that I had no idea why I was here, and that this whole thing was Jess's idea, but never got the chance. Jess interrupted, "Well you see Doctor Alan, I have noticed that Jake is showing signs of being bipolar."

"What?" I replied.  "I am not bipolar. I think." I said defensively.

The doctor interrupted the small argument and said, "Jake why don't we do a test, it should give us an idea of what we are dealing with. Is that alright with you?"  I looked at Jess and then back at the Doctor. I shrugged  and said "Alright." Jess stood up and said, "I'll take it with you, okay?" I said,"Sure why not."

The doctor stood and said, "Follow me into the testing room." A few hours later Jess and I were looking at the results.  I swallowed hard when I discovered that one of the results was positive.....

To Be Continued......