Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year,

It is the middle of February and this is the first post of 2018. Lots of reasons but no excuse for not posting sooner. Tomorrow I am attending a writing conference in Livermore CA. I attended a two day class last year at the same location. I wrote about it in February of last year. This year is a one day course intended for more advanced writers. I do not consider myself advanced, but I am serious about learning and have a goal of publishing. If this year is anything like last year it should be very informative and helpful in the advancement of my writing career.

I will, Lord willing, give and outline of what I learned this year after the conference is over. I can say without any reservation that if you are a Christian writer and are serious about your craft, these conferences are the place for you to be. Compared to many conferences I have come across, they are very affordable. Last year was the first conference I had the pleasure of attending. I plan on making this a regular routine.  For more information you can go to the website ( and find out more about upcoming conferences and other opportunities that are available.

 Tell a friend about this blog. There is more to come this year in the way of encouraging articles and update on my books. I am currently working a historical adventure that takes place in 1860, called Cherokee Clay. More about that later.

God Bless and keep writing

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