Sunday, July 8, 2018


Hello friends,

it is summer time and the weather is heating up. I have had the pleasure of working for an Ag company as one of their field scouts. My job is to set insect traps for specific bugs and once a week I count the number of pest that have been trapped. It is a fun job I work four days a week and travel almost 500 miles in those four short days. I have seen some pretty cool things.  Below is the latest of interesting things. A mother dove chose one of my traps to build her nest and lay eggs on. When I found the nest there was already an egg. I decided to let it go and below you can see the results.

Here is a picture of an almond tree in the grip of winter. What's weird is this is in California and it never
Freezes here. Or does it?
That's all for now, I'll post more as they are found.
See you later

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