Tuesday, December 25, 2018

New Year New Start

Hello readers, here is hoping you are having a wonderful Christmas. My wife and I had the kids and grand-kids over for Christmas morning. Our family tradition is biscuits and gravy. Not real healthy but very good. We find it is a terrific way to say we love you to our kids, with the admonishment not to eat like this everyday. To keep the spirit of giving alive (a nod to the greatest gift ever given, the birth of the savior) we give gifts to our grand-kids and the adults, (my grown children and their spouses) give gift cards to each other by drawing numbers and picking one with the ability to steal or pick one from the table. It saves having to buy six separate gifts for things they don’t really need or want anyway.

I would love to hear how you celebrate Christmas. What are your family traditions? Maybe this year something went so well you want to start a family tradition. I would like to share it with my readers. I also invite you to sign up as a follower. I plan on making more blog post this year and would love to have you come along. If you are not satisfied feel free to cancel your follow, no hard feelings.

This is the time of year that most people look back on the previous year and find ways to make the new-year better. The list of things to improve is endless. Everything from “A”lways being on time for work, to never forgetting to “Z”ip your pants. I would like to hear what your goals are for the coming year. I like the sound of setting goals better than the old cliché “New Years Resolution”. Goal setting is what we all should do on a regular basis anyway.

Setting goals is healthy and stimulates growth. The good thing about goals is they can be reset as often as you like. The secret is never give up and if you do not reach the goals you set, applaud your efforts and keep track of the changes you made. Don’t beat yourself up about not reaching a goal; be proud that you even set one. That shows you have a desire to improve.

This year in my creative life, I have set some goals for writing. Writing is important to me, but I struggle with doubt and a very mean internal critic. I have learned to silence the IC and celebrate the small victories. I am celebrating this blog post. It is late and would have been much easier to call it a night and go to bed, but here I am banging on the keys. I invite you to share one goal that you plan on setting and keeping this year, and with your permission I will share. I think it is encouraging to hear what others go through. It’s good to know we are all alike in many ways.

Thanks for stopping by, Merry Christmas


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