Friday, June 28, 2019

Hello World

Hello world, there is no time like the present to blog. I have many reasons for not blogging sooner but in the end no excuse. In July, I have joined camp Nanowrimo and I am very excited for the opportunity to write. I have joined a cabin this year and will be writing with other people, or actually, I will get to share my story as they share their stories. I have chosen the working title, Recent Exposure. Here is the synopsis and a brief excerpt.



Doctor Steve Garcia suffered a psychiatrist worst nightmare when he found one of his patients had committed suicide. He blamed himself for not recognizing the signs, and left the field of psychology. A year later, new evidence surfaced and the police department reopened the case as a homicide. To his amazement, he was the number one suspect. Steve Garcia was plunged into a nightmare where the truth did not matter, and honesty and ethics were ammunition for the prosecution to put Steve away for the rest of his life.



Recent Exposure

Steve Garcia kneeled before the broken body of his patient Tammy Atchison. A thousand needles of regret and sorrow stabbed his broken heart. Blood soaked the cute sundress she had talked about and desired for a month. The month she was in therapy, the month he had to help her come to grips with sadness. She held the sadness at bay while she told her story of abuse and neglect of parents addicted to the good life. She scoffed when she said good life; as far as she was concerned, nothing in life was good.

She was a master of covering the pain. Every so often, he could see a glimmer of the storm behind the eyes. He had seen stronger cases of depression where the patient lived a normal life. In his professional opinion, he believed she would be fine and that all she needed was a few sessions under his care and she would be on the road to recovery. This was not the road to recovery. This road led to the county morgue. He touched her cold hand and believed he felt the last spark of life leave her body, crying out for someone to listen.  The wailing sirens of the emergency vehicles pierced the darkness and gave him a reason to move. 

He watched as the crew lifted her broken body and placed it on a gurney, covering it with a crisp, clean, white sheet. The covering of a dead body shown in a thousand television shows could not do justice to the feeling of complete failure and loss that consumed him. Her body was broken and useless from the five-story fall, and though not visible, his spirit was equally shattered and dying with no chance of reviving.


If you have stumbled onto this blog, welcome. If you are a writer and you have not heard of NANOWRIMO, I recommend you check it out. Just type in NANOWRIMO in Google and it will take you there. The main purpose is giving and receiving accountability.  Accountability is important for completing task. In my opinion, no task is more in need of accountability than writing. I am a classic example of a procrastinator.

I have five novels started, two are completed and waiting editing and second draft considerations, but I have not fulfilled my obligations and have reached the sacred due date for completion, (which has been set and reset many times). However, I will never give up. I keep plugging along. I am editing a 90,000-word novel as we speak and needed a small writing project to keep my imagination sharp.

Recent Exposure (working title) is a short story, probably around 8000 words. When completed I will post to the blog.  Drop me a line if you decide to join Nano and let me know how it goes.


Until later